I spent the majority of my spare time this weekend querying -- which is, as you all know, a nerve-wracking thing at the best of times. I've been ill over the weekend, headaches and lady aches and whatnot, which amplified my oh-my-god-what-if-they-hate-it feeling every time I hit send. But it had to be done. There's no use letting the manuscript gather dust on my computer. It's finished, edited, and as ready as it'll ever be without the opinion of an editor. I only queried a handful of publishers for the first round -- five, I think -- just to test the waters, and I got a full request this afternoon, so here's hoping!

There's a good thing about receiving a full (aside from the obvious), even if the story is ultimately rejected. It means the editor read a few thousand words of your writing, plus the synopsis detailing the whole story, and wanted to see more -- so if nothing else, the editor likes the concept and your writing, even if the story as a whole didn't click with him/her. It's a positive thing, because you then know you've created something workable -- whatever's wrong with the story can be fixed. It's not your writing or your idea the editor doesn't like -- it's something to do with the content or the execution. That's something we can deal with. Um. I had a point somewhere in here, but I lost it...

In other news, I'm 10k into the latest WIP with another idea whining for attention. This second idea excites me more than the first, but it'll have to wait. In the words of every gameshow host ever: "I've started so I'll finish..."
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