Gave myself a heart attack this morning. I woke up to an email from one of my favourite publishers -- the editor expressing interest in a manuscript I recently sold to Loose Id. I responded with an apology, mentioning that I'd heard nothing but good things about "publisher name" and expressing my own interest in possibly submitting future works to them. All good stuff. Then, when staring at my inbox while trying to figure out if I wanted to start my writing for the day or procrastinate by emailing a few friends, I noticed that the email conversation I'd had with said publisher was listed under a different publisher's name -- one who had me offered a contract a week or so ago. Gasp! I'd mentioned the publisher's name in the email, only to now discover I'd either a) emailed the wrong people back, or b) put the wrong publisher's name in the email! Faceplant.

Then I realised, of course, that Gmail groups all similar conversations together, and that I'd done nothing wrong after all. Lesson of the day? Don't attempt professional correspondence  before my morning tea, because it will inevitably lead to confusion and panic and painful faceplanting. Bloody Gmail.

I'm going out of the country on Sunday for ten days, and I plan to have a full, submission-ready draft of my new M/M novel completed by the time I return. Really. Hopefully. Maybe? Fortunately I'll still have normal internet access while I'm away (the in-laws have indeed embraced the wireless way of life), so I'll be able to keep up with my obligations and whatnot. And burn loads of time chatting on MSN, not getting anything written at all... No, I'll finish it. I will! I have a goal, you see. Four M/M romances in 2010. Two down, two to go...

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