Connor Morgan, bored in his job at the video store, gets a heart-stopping distraction when gorgeous, green-eyed Dane Masters walks in. But while the universe is happy to give Connor and Dane an instant connection neither of them can ignore, it's not quite as willing to let them get together...

"The Subtle Build of Perfection" is a contemporary M/M erotic/romantic comedy novella. Available here from Cobblestone Press!

EXCITING! And I'm also ridiculously nervous. :/ Fingers crossed it does all right! Go and buy it! Let me know what you think!

In other news, Loose Id offered me a contract for "Resistance" -- my 45k M/M erotic romance. YAY! More details of that to come after I've signed and sent.

And finally, I had a meeting today with the owner of my region's scene magazine (entertainment and culture), during which he asked me to be the new copy editor, features writer, and entertainment reviewer! Three jobs rolled into one! It'll be a nice little bonus in my income each month, and it's something I enjoy, so happy days!

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