I've been plagued by toothache/headache the past couple of days, which makes concentrating difficult. I soldiered on, though -- re-wrote a couple of scenes, sent out a query or two, read a chapter a friend sent to me for beta-thoughts. I didn't write anything new, but it's still work, so I'm not too annoyed with myself.

Tonight I'll either be a) editing my three-page synopsis down to two pages, as per a particular publisher's submission guidelines; b) finishing the editing for Deeper Than Bone; c) adding some more words to the first draft of Love in a Cubicle; or d) starting the outline for the new idea I had while trying to sleep last night. Either way, I have a busy evening ahead of me once Little Man's asleep. It's always a challenge finding time to work at the weekends with my son off school, but I have to scrape a spare hour together from somewhere or I get too lazy!

Not long until release day now... *bites nails*

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