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Okay. There's no hiding it. I suck hardcore at keeping a blog updated. I have no idea why I find it so difficult to keep a regular posting schedule -- it's just there always seems to be other things to do! Bah.

Anyway, onto some updates.

Have you ever had the feeling that you're writing some of your best work? I searched and searched for a new M/M novel-length idea that excited me enough to light that fire in me, the kind of passion that kept me up until 3am and had me scribbling down plot notes when I'm cooking, showering, negotiating my way across busy roads... Alas, I was running dry. So I called upon my writing partner/best friend and I said, "Writing partner! I fail!" And she promptly spewed out all manner of fabulous ideas, which is possibly why I love her so. But one idea she suggested was something very similar to an idea I had already been entertaining, and between the two of us we came up with the Epic Idea of all Ideas. It's awesome, and I'm mega-excited, and I've spent the past week banging out an outline and layering on the conflict and plot and angst and smexytimes. The snatches of scenes I've written really do feel like my best work, which pleases me muchly! I think it's going to be a huge book, though. Too long. So I will write it and consider it and see what I can cut, but I'm just going to have fun until then!

I adore this feeling.

Speaking of good feelings, I received three offers from different publishers after I signed with Loose Id! I have no regrets at all, but it's such an awesome feeling knowing it wasn't a fluke -- that the book is good enough to gain multiple offers. :D :D

In other news, a novella I thought was complete is getting the re-write treatment. A read-through made me realise I needed to go deeper into the POV. It's one of those intimate stories, where the character's feelings move the story along just as much as the action. The story feels very personal and I don't think I did it justice the first time around, so time for take two!

What else? I think that's it for now. Coming up: A rant on the lack of realistic sex and emotion in contemporary M/M erotica. I really need to say something about it, but I need to organise my thoughts first. That's not to say I haven't read some fantastic M/M, because I have -- I wouldn't be writing it if I didn't have faith in the market and genre. But I seem to have had a run of bad luck recently with the books I've chosen to read and I feel as though some people aren't taking enough care in making gay sex -- or the feelings related to homosexuality -- realistic. It's all a bit too... you know. Fantasy. But enough of that for now! Later.

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