I have had the busiest weekend of my life. Seriously. A run-down:


Book #1 released. YAY! Announcements and promo commence.
Book #2 sold. YAY! Contracts and form reviewing/signage begins.
Book #3 grows legs. YAY! Thousands of words pour onto the page.
I wrote an M/M erotic short story. Subbing soonish.
I outlined an idea for an M/M erotic romance novella. Writing soonish.


Six articles written.
Lots of communication with the editor of my new offline writing gig regarding the work I will be doing now he's trusted me with the majority of his magazine. (Long sentences, FTL.)
New Super Secret Epic Project of Awesomeness with co-creator. This will be a Brilliant Thing! Time spent this weekend researching and brainstorming.
Outlined a guest blog a very lovely lady asked me to do.
Outlined two long articles I plan to write next week.

All of this in 2.5 days. *wipes brow*

I promise a proper post tomorrow, wherein I might actually talk about insightful things. Let's all pretend I haven't totally failed with my vow to update this blog every day... I'm blogging way more than I used to, though. Not a total fail!

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